RISE: Forging Resilient Communities

2016 a2ru Emerging Creatives Student Summit

March 2016, Ann Arbor+Detroit. Website

Formed interdisciplinary teams and worked with students to explore how creative partnership can transform communities in sustainable ways. Discussed how this kind of collaboration can foster economic growth and general well-being of individuals in the community.


Linux Laptop Orchestra

2015-2016. Website

Explored interactivity and dimensionality of art forms. Experimented with the integration of arts and science. Provided K-12 outreach.

NSF I-Corps Program

2016, DC area. Website

As an Entrepreneurial Lead, learned to identify valuable business opportunities. Conducted around 150 in-person interviews with potential customers to evaluate hypotheses related to business models. Evaluated commercial viability of a possible technology transfer.


Center for Research in SEAD Education

2017. Group project: consulting, front-end, back-end. Website

Collaborated with FourDesign, a faculty-led, student-run design studio, to re-design and create a website for the Center for Research in SEAD Education ('the Center'). Performed user testing and provided consulting to the Center based on the result. Set up a sandboxed development environment with version control and acted as the lead for our team.

cport.al (captiv.eport.al)

2017. Website

Some captive portals cannot redirect users to their landing page when the users visit a website with HTTPS (and HSTS) enabled. This is less of a problem when users initially join the network because some browsers and operating systems have mechanisms built-in to help them to log on to the network, however it can be frustrating if a session is terminated due to timeouts. cport.al was created with one thing in mind: trigger the captive portal landing/login page.


2016. Audio-visual performance. Max, Final Cut Pro X.

Inspired by Brian Eno's idea of generative music and based on personal experience, ;molybdenum was made to encourage the audience to rethink about the anxiety around them. Visuals heavily featured fractal animation processed with cellular automata.


Massively Multichannel Music

August 2016. Website

Helped artists adapt their music pieces to the Cube. Assisted recording, mixing, and encoding to stereo (mid-side), binaural and Ambisonics B-Format.

Tech-or-Treat 2015

Creatures from the Cube

October 2015. Group project: sound sculpture. Website

Created a spatial soundscape for a swamp inhabited by imaginary creatures.